Ranking the Top 25 Circuits in the History of Formula 1

There are many sites to watch F1 live , however the one that I personally find pretty impressive is sky sports and cricfree, they offer you various links , with not many advertisement that really suck up the mood. The F1 app is a paid app to watch 2011 F1 Race Rankings – Hande's Blog Here’s the current rankings for the season. This page will be updated after every race. Excitement level: Good / Mildy boring – At the start of the season there was still plenty to be excited about and I eagerly waited for the other teams to challenge Vettel. Unfortunately by the half-way point of the season it seemed clear that Vettel was going to take the championship. Ranked! The legendary Jim Clark’s top 10 performances Formula 1 lost its benchmark driver of the era when double world champion Jim Clark was killed in a Formula 2 race at Hockenheim on 7 April 1968. The quiet Scot nevertheless left a lasting legacy 2018 British Grand Prix: Race Highlights - YouTube

2011 F1 Race Rankings – Hande's Blog

Jan 23, 2017

Partially filmed at tracks during actual F1 race weekends, Grand Prix combines nostalgia for the golden age of motorsport with racing sequences that stand up against even its most technically

Since its inception in 1950, more than 850 Formula 1 races have been held at different parts of the world. Thus, it is near to impossible to pick just 10 best races out of the plethora of races. F1's return to France and the Paul Ricard circuit was a nightmare for fans getting to the circuit and when they did finally get there, the race they were treated to could best be described as 'OK'. Sure, Vettel clouting Bottas and the first corner meant we could to see two cars fight through from the back. What were the best and worst Formula 1 races of 2019? Here's how RaceFans readers rated every round of the 2019 championship. 2019 French Grand Prix. 3.5 out of 10. Paul Ricard's race lacked thrills Paul Ricard's second race since its return to the calendar did not inspire much excitement. Mercedes coasted to a one-two finish and their The first championship race in 1950 was even held there. Needless to say, Silverstone is a highly anticipated race for nearly every season. Some other good news to add is Silverstone's continued in Formula One. Recently, the owners/directors of the track have made an agreement with F1 to keep the famous circuit on the calendar for much longer.