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Jul 16, 2020 How to Undo a Git Add - freeCodeCamp.org Jan 13, 2020 Git - Configuration de Git $ git config --global color.diff.meta "blue black bold" La couleur peut prendre les valeurs suivantes : normal, black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan ou white. Si vous souhaitez ajouter un attribut de casse, les valeurs disponibles sont bold (gras), dim (léger), ul (underlined, souligné), blink (clignotant) et reverse (inversé).

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Possible values for color.ui can be found in the man page of git-config. The output of man git-config | grep "color.ui$" -A8 is. color.ui This variable determines the default value for variables such as color.diff and color.grep that control the use of color per command family. Its scope will expand as more commands learn configuration to set a A better git log (Example) - Coderwall

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Find the color configured for name (e.g. color.diff.new) and output it as the ANSI color escape sequence to the standard output. The optional default parameter is used instead, if there is no color configured … How do I show my global Git configuration? - Stack Overflow Git configuration variables can be stored at three different levels. Each level overrides values at the previous level. 1. System level (applied to every user on the system and all their repositories) to view, git config --list --system (may need sudo) to set, git config --system color.ui true; to edit system config file, git config --edit Git - First-Time Git Setup $ git config --list user.name=John Doe user.email=johndoe@example.com color.status=auto color.branch=auto color.interactive=auto color.diff=auto You may see keys more than once, because Git reads the same key from different files (/etc/gitconfig and ~/.gitconfig, for example). In this case, Git uses the last value for each unique key it sees. Changing Default Colors in Git and Posh-Git - m a r k p i For example: git config --global color.status.changed "yellow normal bold" git config --global color.status.untracked "yellow normal bold" git config --global color.branch.remote "yellow normal bold" Note that “yellow normal dim” will show up as white in PowerShell, so if you want to use yellow, you must also specify bold.