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CPAU.exe doesn't have a product name yet and it is developed by, it is also developed by . We have seen about 6 different instances of CPAU.exe in different location. So far we haven't seen any alert about this product. If you think there is a virus or malware with this product, please submit your feedback at the bottom. [SOLVED] Running login script as admin - Spiceworks 2010-8-24 Query to show new computers added/created in AD in the

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Batch file or script with password Solutions | Experts John, this is not net use but runas, which does not allow to provide the password inline. lrbrister, you cannot automate this if you want to run it on different machines. But if you need to run this for a single machine only, you can add /savecred to the command. This will prompt you once for the password, and after that runas will remember it for the current logged in user and the user you Escape Rosecliff Unlock Code Software - Free Download Escape Rosecliff Unlock Code, free escape rosecliff unlock code software downloads - welcome to joeware