Staying Safe Online 1) Don’t post any personal information online – like your address, email address or mobile number. 2) Think carefully before posting pictures or videos of yourself. Once you’ve put a picture of yourself online most people can see it and may be able to download it, it’s not just yours anymore.

5 Internet Safety Tips for Tweens & Teens Living in a digital world, it's crucial to keep your connected child safe online — from social media to privacy settings to inappropriate content and more. Most of the online safety tips I've outlined so far in this guide apply to cell phone use as well. Beware: there is one significant added danger - sexting (which I will cover next). In general, you should make sure your kids understand that the safety tips that keep them protected on their computers will also keep them safe on their mobile devices. That being the case, here are some general internet safety tips you can try as you work to keep your teen safe online. Insist that your teen employ privacy settings on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. I provided a comprehensive list of tips you can follow to help you stay safe on the internet. I recommend to continually try to learn ways to stay safe while browsing the internet to increase your chances of not being vulnerable to malware or hacks online. Jul 28, 2014 · Just like there are dangers in the ocean, there are many dangers lurking on the Internet. And a savvy web surfer and searcher knows that there’s ways to protect themselves. Here are some tips to keep you safe while you surf the internet. Know the scams. But besides the millions of sites to visit and things to do, going online offers lots of ways to waste time — and even get into trouble. But some people you meet online might try to take advantage of you, steal your personal information, or harass or threaten you (called cyberbullying).

Use different passwords so that if one account is broken into, the others will stay safe. Be Relevant and Irrelevant. Make a password that you will recognize, but to others it seems random. Never use information that can be directly related to you in your password; like …

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The 6 Most Important Steps to Staying Safe on the Internet

10 Tips To Stay Safe Online | McAfee Blogs Here are some tips to help you get started: 1. Create Complex Passwords. We know you’ve heard it before, but creating strong, unique passwords for all your critical accounts really is the best way to keep your personal and financial information safe. This is especially true in the era of widespread corporate hacks, where one database breach can reveal tens of thousands of user passwords. How to be Safe on the Internet: 6 Tips to Protect Yourself Jun 15, 2015 10 Tips To Stay Safe Online | We can, however, fireproof our use of the Internet by understanding key features of Internet safety. These include the device being used, the network of choice, the password established, the sites visited and the user. As well as anti-virus software, there are many other good ideas to ensure safe online shopping on websites and through social