Disable Profiler. To stop or restart Profiler for an individual app's instance, under WebJobs and stop the webjob named ApplicationInsightsProfiler3. Even if the profiler is disabled using the switch on the Application Insights page as described above, the profiler process will still run.

The Xcode Instruments’ Time Profiler template is the best template to start with when looking for app performance problems and/or determining how to improve performance. According to Apple, the Time Profiler template “performs low-overhead time-based sampling of processes running on … How to export an Apple System Profiler report » TECH90 Jan 27, 2011 Apple Profile Manager | Enterprise iOS Apple Lion Server's Profile Manager provides mobile device management. Set-Up . Profile Manager uses directory services and Apple Push Notification Service to provide configuration profiles to Mac OS X and iOS devices. Unlike commercial MDM solutions, Apple does not require enrollment in the iDEP (iOS Developer Enterprise Program). OpenGL Profiler does not work |Apple Developer Forums Aug 04, 2017

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The Time Profiler. When navigating around your application, you may notice some delays that you would like to reduce to make the best user experience. If you wanna investigate where the OS is spending time as your are using an application, then the Time Profiler is for you.

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