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It only takes a couple of clicks to switch on Guest Wi-Fi using the Smart Hub Manager. It’s simple to get online with Guest Wi-Fi. Just choose BT Guest Wi-Fi on any device – without even entering a password. What’s more, it’s a standard feature of your BT Business Smart Hub. And it won’t cost a … BT Home Hub 5 Antenna Modification - Instructables Introduction: BT Home Hub 5 Antenna Modification. By andrew mcneil Follow. More by the author: In this video I will show you how to improve the range of the BT home hub 5 wireless router. Steps taken in this video will also work on many other routers. Modifying a 2 4 GHz dipole antenna to 5 GHz . Buy wi-fi access | BT Wi-fi List for Accessibility Access Keys: s = Skip to page contents; n = Skip to page navigation; f = Skip to footer; l = Search; 0 = Access keys; 1 = Home; 2 = My account; 3 = Contact us; 4 = Find a hotspot; 5 = Buy wi-fi access; 6 = Help and advice; 7 = BT Wi-fi for business; 8 = Terms and Conditions; 9 = Accessibility statement; 10 = About BT Wi-fi BT Smart Hub review: Simply the best ISP-supplied router

Thge new router arrived on Friday and I swapped it in on Friday afternoon. With the Home Hub 5 the connection had been entirely stable. With the new PlusNet Hub One I am again getting dropouts, As an example having been up for 11 hours, the link went down several times in quick succession between 7:17 and 8:16 this morning - each time it was up for between 6 and 16 minutes.

Using a BT Home Hub 2 as a Wireless Access Point Anyway after doing a bit of research it seems it may be possible for me to use our old BT Home Hub 2 as a wireless access point upstairs, so the plan would be to have the HH2 plugged in upstairs and it some how be connected to our standard PN Technicolour router, I think

The main reason I bought this device was because the BT Home Hub 3 would not allow Netflix to work on my Smart TV. With the BT Home Hub 5 there is no problem at all with Netflix. Update April 2019: BT updated the firmware in my Home Hub 5 (Type A) automatically again. The firmware is currently Version, last updated 1 March 2019.

Sep 09, 2008 A Guide To The BT Home Hub 5 | BT Shop Blog The latest model is the Home Hub 5 which is arguably one of the best routers available. So here’s what you need to know. BT Home Hub 5, shop.bt.com What Do I Need To Do To Get The BT Home Hub 5? If you’re an existing BT Infinity customer, simply renew your existing contract and you’ll be given a discounted price for the Home Hub 5. Log in to My BT BT Virus Protect - Keep your computer and confidential data safe from nasty viruses and spyware. BT Cloud - back up and share your content online, and access it from anywhere with an internet connection. BT Wi-fi - As a BT broadband customer you get free, and unlimited wi-fi access at more than 14 million hotspots worldwide. How Do I Access My Bt Homehub Settings? | Techwalla Connect to your BT Home Hub by using an Ethernet cable to connect your computer directly to the …