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Jun 28, 2020 · Updated: 28-June-2020. Stable: RT-AC87U: 384.13_10 RT-AC3200: 384.13_10 Others: 384.18 Beta: none

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Sep 29, 2016

The HTTPS access to DD-WRT's Web UI per the checkbox on the Administration page is broken in early versions. To prevent lockout, verify HTTPS access before disabling the HTTP checkbox. HTTPS is verified working in r26339 and later. Jun 07, 2016 · Hi Michael thanks for the reply, I couldn’t find the AC66u so i got the N66U, followed all steps with the dd-wrt wiki and it just would not complete the flash. I had no issues flashing back to the Asus stock firmware twice, but ZERO luck in getting DD=WRT to work on it. Jul 06, 2014 · Installing DD-WRT on RT-N66u/r router is easy. Just use normal firmware upgrade from stock or asuswrt-Merlin firmwares. The hard part is finding a version that works! I got BrainSlayer version "dd The RT-N66U and RT-N66W are the same except U has a black case and W has a white case. The RT-N66R is the same as the RT-N66U. It is simply a repackage for retail sale. Please notice that due to Broadcom BCM47xx driver limitations wireless support is sketchy.