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Should Internet Access Be A Basic Human Right? | Kialo Internet access is so fundamental to daily life - communication, job prospects, information gathering - that it absolutely merits being considered a true human right. Internet is a necessity for people's ability to adequately access their right to freedom of expression of opinion. 'Right To Access Internet Is Part Of Right To Privacy And Sep 19, 2019 In Historic Decision, Canada Declares Internet Access a Dec 22, 2016

Jul 07, 2012

Free Internet access must be considered as a human right Nov 11, 2019

Internet Access, a “Human Right” or Essential Facility?By: Kolubahzizi T. Howard Director of Strategy, Liberia Telecommunications Authority Introduction “Human rights” proponents believe all individuals have entitlements by virtue of being human.These “entitlements” exist as either shared norms justified by moral rationalization; natural rights supported by strong reasons; or legal

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