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Countries With the Fastest Internet Connections - WorldAtlas Apr 25, 2017 Which Country Has the Slowest Internet Connection Jan 16, 2014 Rank Country/Territory Avg. connection speed ()1 South Korea 28.6 2 Norway 23.5 3 Sweden 22.5 4 Hong Kong 21.9 5 Switzerland 21.7 6 Finland 20.5 7 Singapore 20.3 8 Japan

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South Korea. South Korea is ranked #1 in terms of average connection speed and #3 in terms of … List of countries by number of Internet users - Wikipedia Below is a sortable list of countries by number of Internet users, for 2020.Internet users are defined as persons who accessed the Internet in the last 12 months from any device, including mobile phones. Percentage is the percentage of a country's population that are Internet users. Estimates are derived either from household surveys or from Internet subscription data.

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