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Hiding IP and Mac address | BlackHatWorld The MAC address is used in the link layer and makes it possible for multiple nodes in a LAN to communicate to each other over a shared medium, such as Ethernet, Wifi, etc. This means that when data is sent from your router to another network (using the Internet layer), the MAC address of your computer is not sent as it would be meaningless data What's the Difference Between a MAC Address and an IP Jan 21, 2016

Sep 24, 2019

How to hide your IP Address? - IP Location

Mar 21, 2019

How to Change(Spoof) Your MAC Address : 3 Steps The first step in spoofing your MAC address is to find the network interface device that you want to spoof. Go to Start>Control Panel>Network Connection. Then double click on the device that you want to spoof. Then click on the support tab and then click on details. Then in the list you will see the MAC address. How to Hide Your IP Address | PCMag Jan 26, 2018 How to Hide Your IP address (8 easy methods, 6 are Free)