Having an appropriate domain name and using it to personalize your business cards and email addresses helps establish credibility and professionalism. For instance, an email address such as john@ebusiness.com is more professional than john112@freeemail.com. Therefore, do not use a freebie domain name - it is short sighted and gives your prospective

Contact us by email at zznsupport@mailcentro.com, or by phone at (916)985-4445 ext. 1. Please be sure to mention your email address if you leave a message. MAW Design | LinkedIn When scanned the QR will ask if they want to compose an email to the email address you enter here so make sure the address is more like 'admin @ mycompany.com' than 'geek112358 @ freeemail.com TRANSITION REFERRAL EXAMPLE: NEW New Update E-Mail Address: SRichards@freeemail.com SECTION 3. PRESCHOOL SERVICE PROVIDER Name of LEA Preschool Coordinator or Contact for Different Placement: Cynthia James, Director of Special Education and Student Assessment Name of School District or Program: Spartanburg District 3 Address: P.O. Box 267 City: Glendale State: SC Zip Code: 29346

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Every recruiter has a horror story about unprofessional email addresses, like 2cute4u@freeemail.com. That sort of identity choice can haunt a user for years, and it’s always surprising how many different variations there are on that theme. Finding the right ‘2cute4u’ may be harder than you’d guess. Domain Names - How to Register & Secure Your Preferred

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