Maintain your situational awareness and dont get complacent. Remember two federal guards in Oakland CA were already shot with one killed for no reason other than watching a protest at the federal building. From news reports, rioters are now beginning to specifically target police. One in Vegas was just shot in the back of the head. Stay safe.

Mar 27, 2020 How to say "stay safe" in Tamil How to say stay safe in Tamil. Tamil Translation. பத்திரமாக இருக்கவும் Pattiramāka irukkavum. Find more words! ’Stay safe!’ As George Floyd knew, it has a whole "Stay safe" is written in chalk in Ann Arbor, Michigan, during a peaceful protest Tuesday June 2, 2020, over the death of George Floyd. In a guest column today, Sheila Wright writes about why this What is this "nearby stay safe" meaning on snapchat Feb 26, 2009

Dec 02, 2007

Mar 25, 2020 Safe | Definition of Safe by Merriam-Webster Safe definition is - free from harm or risk : unhurt. How to use safe in a sentence.

Mar 25, 2020 · If you choose to enjoy the outdoors, a stay-at-home order also reminds you and those around you to keep a safe distance from one another. As more governments implement this tactic to slow the spread of COVID-19, we hope you can refer back to this article as a quick reminder about what this order means for you and your community.

Expression of a wish for the continued welfare of a fellow human being, which sounds incredibly beta and cheesy when used inappropriately. Often used ironically by alpha males. stay safe - English-Spanish Dictionary - How to stay safe and enjoy the 4th of July Fireworks In addition to this he said "stay safe!" - grammar stay safe stay safe vs keep safe Stay well and safe! Stay Wild. Stay Safe. Stay Close to Home. Tips for parents: Helping your child learn how to stay safe. Modern politicians stay at home. - English Only forum To stay safe and