YouTube Banned in China, Other Services Available Again

Mar 25, 2009 YouTube star PewDiePie jumps on ‘banned in China YouTube star PewDiePie says he was banned from China after commenting on the Hong Kong protests and Chinese President Xi Jinping. Photo: YouTube. One of the world's biggest YouTube stars claims to have fallen foul of China's censors for his comments on … After attacking Trump's coronavirus-related China travel

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China's wildlife-farming industry, valued at $74 billion, has been permanently shut down. On Monday, the nation's legislature banned the buying, selling, and eating of wild animals in an effort to Countries That Have YouTube Blocked | Wikitubia | Fandom YouTube, along with most of the Internet, is banned in North Korea as the government there fears its people will find out the truth about their country, as there are many videos discussing the truth about North Korea. The same is true for China, although there are alternatives to YouTube …

Jul 01, 2014 · After enjoying two weeks in 2010 as a hit in China, Avatar 2D was banned. Authorities claimed the move was an economic one, favoring the 3D version, but critics of the decision pointed out that

Oct 22, 2019 YouTube blocked in China | Hollywood Reporter Mar 25, 2009 PewDiePie says he’s been banned in China - Polygon