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xbox one nat = moderate - HughesNet Community - 63097 Hello, I am able to play Elite Dangerous on my xbox one online, no problems for the most part. However, I would like to join a multiplayer session with friends and can't do it. I have been told that my xbox one NAT needs to be "open" not "moderate". I'm also not able to join party chat or … Open up your Xbox One’s NAT via AirPort Utility – Six Colors Jan 28, 2016

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HOWTO: XBOX One and Open NAT | Netgate Forum @iculookn said in HOWTO: XBOX One and Open NAT: so main changes needed are. Use Hybrid Outbound NAT instead of Manual Check Default Deny under UPnP to only have the XBOX use UPnP. Closed up the ports opened with the ACL to "allow 1024-65535 XboxIP/32 1024-65535" The last 2 changes are just to make it more secure, so the original settings should Xbox Support Xbox Support loading