Oct 23, 2018

Italy had put into use some 15 million broadband Internet connections, 22 million personal computers, and 20 million main telephone lines by the early 21st century. Roughly half of all Italians were regular Internet users, and cellular phones had achieved an astonishing level of penetration. Italy was one of the largest wireless markets in OECD Countries Internet Users 2018 NOTES: (1) OECD Countries Internet User Statistics were updated in Dec 31, 2017. (2) The number of Internet users come from data published by Facebook, International Telecommunications Union, official country telecom reports, and other trustworthy research sources. How coronavirus traffic affects internet speed and Mar 25, 2020

Sep 09, 2019

Italy Internet usage profile and telecommunications reports. Internet Usage Statistics: 30,026,400 Internet users as of June/10, 51.7% of the population, according to N-O. E-commerce statistics for individuals - Statistics Explained Online purchases by internet users increased by 17 percentage points compared with 2009 (Figure 1). Those aged 25-54 had the highest share of online shoppers among internet users up to 2016. In 2015, the youngest age group (16-24) overtook the EU average level, … Countries Compared by Media > Internet > Users per 1000

Italy Steps Up To Defend EU Internet Users Against

Mobile phone internet users in Italy 2014-2018 | Statista Italy: mobile phone internet user penetration 2014-2017 Forecast of the mobile broadband connections in Italy 2018-2024 Forecast of mobile internet user numbers in Italy 2014-2021 European Union Internet Usage and Population Stats 397,988,114 Internet users in March 2020, 89.4 % penetration, per IWS. 249,720,861 Facebook subscribers in Jan, 2020, 56.1% penetration rate. Internet Statistics and Population for European Union