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Buffered vs Unbuffered Archival Tissue Paper: What's the Buffered Archival Tissue Paper: This tissue paper is "buffered" because it contains an alkaline substance, usually calcium carbonate, added as an alkaline reserve or "buffer" to counteract acids that may form in the material. Unbuffered Archival Tissue Paper: This tissue paper is free of the alkaline substance Unbuffered Acid free tissue paper - Preservation Equipment Ltd Unbuffered Acid-Free Tissue Paper - 16gsm Acid free tissue paper, unglazed, excellent for stuffing, interleaving or a variety of uses, this translucent tissue (16gsm) is completely acid-free with pH of 7-7.5 and has passed the Photographic Activity Test (PAT) RetroClean Unbuffered Archival Grade Tissue Paper, 24-Inch

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To be (buffered), or not to be (unbuffered)? That is the